Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Cupcake named in honor of Stephanie Nielson

Last week, it was brought to our attention that Stephanie Nielson, a remarkable woman who has inspired and lifted thousands of us across the country for years, loves our Vanilla Squared Cupcakes. She even posted about them on her blog the NieNie Dialogues . She jokingly mentioned that she thought we should "name it vaNIElla squared because I can guarantee I will single-handedly keep that cupcake selection going."

After a few email exchanges with Stephanie, we learned that she was "ecstatic" and "touched" about the idea. As such, we have officially changed the name of our "Vanilla Squared" cupcakes to "VaNIElla Squared." We figured the gesture would be a 'sweet' little legacy for her--who has candidly taught so many of us about the joys of life/motherhood. Her attitude, faith, honesty, outlook, understanding of what's important is so inspirational and so appreciated.

Her story is truly remarkable...you can read it here.

We are planning to hold a fundraiser at the shop next month (which is her birthday month) for her and her family. We will keep you posted about details....


Becky said...

i totally noticed a change in name when I was at the shop this afternoon. dang! i should have snapped a pix!

I'll be back soon!

Andrea said...

I read her blog entry and even before she mentioned it was your shop, I just knew it!! She is amazing and so are YOU!! I'm glad you've hooked up on this little project and I can't wait for the fundraiser.

Patti said...

So awesome of you . . . we will be sure to stop in the next time we're in Provo. That cupcake is the first one I will try!

Matt said...

I had a VaNIElla cupcake today and it melted in my mouth.Best I've ever had.

Burton said...

So glad you changed the name. She is the best and can't wait to come in and try it now. Can't wait to hear more about the fundraiser. Me and family will be happy to support it. Thanks Sweet Tooth Fairy!~

Ace said...

I brought my little family in yesterday for the "va-Nie-lla" experience and also to admire the adorable cake plates she had mentioned on her blog. I had the pleasure of meeting with and talking to Ethan, who by the way was wonderful.

The experience was magical, to say the very least. You see, as I was expressing my love for all things "Nie", she came walking right on through your door.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for changing the name of your classic cupcake for her, and for helping make my dream come true. I got to meet my idol at your fabulous bake shop and I will be forever grateful. I am thrilled you are hosting a fundraiser for her family, and will be there with bells on.

P.s. your cupcakes were like the ones I imagine they serve in heaven..absolutely divine! I think I am addicted.

Jeff and Jenn said...

YEA! I'm so delighted that you changed that name! I can't wait to visit for the first time when I come to Utah next month. I don't even like vanilla, but if nienie says I must try one, I must.

kissing cupcakes said...

very sweet & very well-deserved. :)

Anonymous said...

I read Stephanie's blog on a regular basis and was so touched by your kind gesture...I am driving from Kaysville to Provo tomorrow to pick up cupcakes for Mother's Day. You prove there really are incredibly kind people on this earth. Thank you

Emily said...

I love the simple joy of cupcakes and kindness.

Is there anyway for out-of-staters to order your fabulous va-NIE-lla cupcakes and have them shipped? I live in Colorado.

april~living the sweet life said...

I love that you changed the name. I am also absolutely in love with your vanilla anything. From the very first time you brought the samples to me I knew I would be eating it for the rest of my life. Sweet Tooth Fairy will be around for the rest of my life right? I hope so!

Sara said...

That is awesome! I read Nie Nie, and found you guys through her blog. You're right, she is an amazing girl! You're cupcakes look delish!!

Noah's Mommy said...

How amazing...I'm a Nie Nie reader all the way in New Jersey....and those look awesome....

EmmaJ said...

This is such a wonderful idea! I'll be sending my family from the area down to get their ViNIElla cupcakes.

Heidi said...

makes me want to drive down to provo (from Boise ID) just for your cupcakes and love for NIE!
seriously contemplating having some shipped here...they must be divine.

Finamoon said...

Nie Nie is such a wonderful person!! She has definitely touched my life! You are both very SWEET :)

Karly Staples said...

Hey! It is Karly from GTU! I am so glad I found your cute blog. How fun is this? Let me know if you need any help around the shop! I am coming in tomorrow to place an order for my best friends birthday. And maybe to snag myself some treats. SO fun!

Juli said...

That's adorable! If I were in your town, I'd definitely buy your cupcakes, just to say thanks for recognizing NieNie. What a stellar individual she is!

dianagrind said...

Way to go. Any chance you do mail order. I will probably NEVER get to Utah.

Lisa said...

What about us folks in Louisiana? (sniff sniff) I want a VaNiella cupcake!!

Stacy Jean said...

I adore Stephanie, am touched by her story and am instantly inspired when I read of her outlook on life and motherhood. You couldn't be honoring and helping a more deserving person & family. I'm in Wisconsin but I wish, I wish I could be there for your fundraiser....plus UT looks just gorgeous. A trip to you state is at the top of my life list. Hugs all around.

Mary said...

I live in Australia and you are making my mouth water...mmmmm

Camille said...

You and Stephanie are two inspiring women! I adore you both!

Kristie said...

I just popped over from Stephanie's blog to see what you were all about. Wish I could try one of these goodies, alas I live in Western New York State and can't get there to try one. Oh, maybe someday!

Anonymous said...

I live in NYC and intend to make the trip at some point too! (thanks Nie!!)

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