Wednesday, January 21, 2009

StartUp Suckers!

We are soooooooooo happy to announce that we will be carrying Provo's own StartUp Candy Suckers! These delicious and iconic suckers are sure to brighten anyone's day! We are also going to be carrying some of their yummy, yummy chocolate candy bars in the future!!! For now, we have the following Sucker flavors available for purchase:

Root Beer

Cookies n' Cream

Blue Raspberry



Becky said...

I am so excited you will be carrying these in your store.

I have so many vivid memories as a child begging my parents for these suckers up at Sundance and Brick Oven. (I'm a Utah native.)

I had no idea they were local suckers. I just checked out their site. I love the old-timey feel and history of the candy and company. I will be sure to pick some up next time I am over at your adorable and delicious shop! favorite flavors are rootbeer and cinnamon. close seconds are green apple and watermelon. Okay, i like them all! :)

cyndi said...

I was in your store the other day--- which my sister and I have been looking forward to our trip to Utah so we could come and try your fantastic cupcakes, and had tone of these suckers. I have been wanting to find some to take home and put in my kitchen. I have just spent a good half an hour trying to figure out who makes them..... go figure it was your site that popped up to help me.

Loved your store we bought way to many cupcakes.... :) and are planning another trip to your shop. In true tourist fashion we took pics posing in front of and in your store.

I also wanted to thank you for helping me out with my sis in laws wedding. I don't know what I would have done if I didn't have your shop sell me some edible pearls.

ps the girls in the store are way to cute to be working in a bakery :)