Thursday, May 22, 2008

Playing catch up!...more baked goods to come

The Sweet Tooth Fairy recently welcomed a lil' bundle of joy into this world and as such, I've been a lil' occupied getting back up to speed and keeping up with the blog. (Check out our Flickr page to see what we've been up to!) All is well though, and we're getting adjusted, and falling deeper in love with this lil' girl every day. Did I mention we made her nursery cupcake themed? Check out the pics--that's the day bed. I ordered a ton of cupcake fabric and we kinda went crazy in there! My favorites though are the custom art pieces from my friend Cakespy. Make sure you check out her stuff!


Anonymous said...

hi there!
i just got my kiddos to bed and instead of doing laundry i HAD to look up your website and it is so flippin cute!!
and your nursury is darling!!

Nydia said...

Thanks for writing this.